Thursday, July 30, 2009

Double Header Today

Just a quick note for those who may not have noticed. After last night’s rainout, the Bulls will play two games today. The first starting at 1:05, the second at 7:00. The first will be on 99.9, the second only via computer, unless you can get HD2, whatever that is.

Shawn Riggans will be joining up today or sometime soon. Will complicate the roster, but what’s new there? Seems like a long time since we’ve seen Riggans in the DBAP. The often-injured catcher remains highly thought of (well, enough to stay on the Rays 40-man roster), but his history doesn’t match the tough-guy aura of most major league catchers. Personally, I’m worried that Craig Albernaz might get pushed off into the Hudson Valley hinterland, but I’m guessing that will depend on how long Riggans stays with us. And if Albernaz is off to Hudson Valley, Jamieson might be completely off the reservation.

Speaking of rosters, we’ve got 14 pitchers on the books at the moment (if you ignore Hudson Valley transactions). One or two of those is going to have to go somewhere eventually. My guess is that folks are waiting for the trade deadline to go to see what happens. Then they can make some moves to sort things out.

By the way, the Geezer Gala apparently went off OK. See a couple of stories here and here. I had a brief chat with groundskeeper Scott Strickland the other night. He assured me that the gala wouldn't harm the poor Bermuda. I was worried about the walkers and wheelchairs digging divots out.

Adam Sobsey comments on the IL in general over at Triangle Offense. Taking off from that I’ve got to note that, even though I really don’t pay much attention to other IL team rosters, trades like the ones yesterday that involved several AAA players will really shake the rosters up. I’m too lazy to chase them all down (that’s what Neil Solondz does for us if you can check the early part of his broadcasts). You’d think that the IL website would do a story, but it hasn’t so far.


I was wrong. The double header is to be played as back-to-back seven inning games. First game already over (Bulls won 6-2) and the second game has just started.


  1. I guess the easy thing to do would be to let Riggans fill Ruggiano's spot, since we was just inactivated (he is gone for his kid's birth, right?), but that would give us more than enough catchers. Might work if they are only planning on having Riggans play a few games (especially if they decide to ease him back in with a game or two at DH).

    Of course, that wouldn't fix the issue long-term, since we would still need to clear up the catcher spot since we would be getting someone back from the Rays once Riggans goes up.

    I know that I am not privy to how all of this stuff works, but it seems to me that, were I Albernaz or Jamieson, I would rather go down to AA and actually get to play baseball than move to the Hudson Valley roster and just catch pitchers in the bullpen. I understand why it is useful to the organization to have Jamieson around even if he can't play in the games, but does it do Jamieson any good?

  2. Also, I was going to say that I generally agree that I don't follow all the comings and goings of the other AAA teams, but I was interested to see Ian Snell get traded yesterday. His story is a pretty interesting one, and I will probably make and effort to follow what happens to him out on the west coast.

  3. Don't look now but according to the Bulls website the Bulls are losing 5 - 1 in the fifth at 5PM in game two of the doubleheader. So much for a 7 PM start for game 2.
    Game 1 went well except Thayer was a little rusty getting started but settle down to get the final three outs. Same thing that happened the last time he came back from Tampa. Must have to settle back in or something. Hellickson was great today.

  4. Yeah. I messed up with the original post, although I did try to get an update in. Still behind 1-5 in the 6th. DeSalvo had a really crummy start.

  5. Thats ok about the times. I was able to listen to Game 1 while "working". DeSalvo and Houser have rough times starting but seem to do well in relief.