Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trade Rumors

DRR mentioned this in a comment yesterday, which I sort of blew off. Then Cork Gaines over at Rays Index expanded on the thought with more links and a poll. So I thought I’d pass it on to those who may have missed it.

Cliff Lee of the Indians for Wade Davis and Reid Brignac?

Update, a couple more links on this one:

St Petersburg Times and The Rays Party.


  1. I will try to not be too offended about my comment being blown off... :)

    Overall, this strikes me as a classic example of a move that could be good for the Rays but bad for the Bulls. Reid has been great for us, but I have a hard time seeing just how he fits into the Rays long-term plans. Wade would hurt more, but the Rays have done a good job developing young pitchers and the front office probably has reason to think they have more in the pipeline.

    The other issue this brings up to me is the Rays startng rotation. Unless a starter is included in this deal (or another), someone would have to be moved out to make room for Lee. Would they move someone to the bullpen and send someone from the pen back to the Bulls? Or, would they send a starter (Price?) back down to us?

    All in all, I think the fact that the Rays are even considering a deal like this to be pretty interesting. It goes against their orgainizational history, but I guess that is what happens when a team that has a history of nothing but last place finishes finally becomes a contender.

  2. And even more turmoil (see my recent post about Thayer).

    This could get very confusing if they do try a trade like this and I wouldn't want to be in Montoyo's shoes as he tries to figure it out. On the other hand, a lot of these rumors are just that, rumors.

    Still, as you say, Tampa Bay is now a "contender" and we'd expect their usually very cautious approach to change.

    Would hate to see Brignac go, but as long as Bartlett continues to be the star he's become, I agree, hard to see a place for Reid.

  3. Have updated post with a couple more links.