Sunday, July 19, 2009

Top 5 Durham Bulls — Batting Average

(click on chart for larger image)

I have to confess that two batters sort of snuck in on me here. I didn’t realize how well Jon Weber and Reid Brignac were doing. Good for them!


  1. I can't say this is how I thought the list would look when the season began, but it is hard to complain. Good for all the guys here.

    Also, did you catch Carl Crawford's comments about the glove he used to make that big catch at the All-Star game? Apparently he has been using Jon Weber's glove all season and turned down the Hall of Fame's request to have the glove because he didn't want to break in a new one. Sorry if you mentioned it elsewhere here and I missed it when I was out of town.

    I bet that Jon is disappointed to not have his glove going on display at the Hall of Fame.

  2. Had not heard that story about the glove. Will have to chase it down since I'm sort of collecting Jon Weber stuff this year.

  3. There is a headline on the Ray's website called "Crawford adding to Hall of Fame Gear" with the story (which is where I read about it).