Saturday, July 18, 2009

Top Five Durham Bulls — RBIs

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Game 92: Durham Bulls 4, Louisville Bats 5
Season: 52-40
Wrap, Box

I only caught bits and pieces of last night’s game, so I commend to you Adam Sobsey’s write-up over at Indy Week’s Triangle Offense, and Neil Solondz’s wrap linked to above. As Adam noted, we’re playing a lot of very close games these days. Also, as one of my fellow observers up behind first base keeps reminding me, sometimes it’s about development. Davis had an awful 5th inning and Montoyo left him in for all of it and on into the 6th, where he did a very credible job. With a well-rested bullpen, you’ve got to wonder, if winning were the only thing, why a reliever wasn’t warming up in the 5th. On the other hand, what better time to find out how Davis deals with adversity?

I realize that almost anyone reading this blog knows how to find Bulls stats. Nevertheless, sometimes I think it’s fun to take a look at who’s helping us the most. And sometimes I get surprised. The chart shows the top five Bulls when it comes to RBIs.

I woud have never guessed that Ray Sadler was up there as #2 in RBIs/Game. If he could hit lefties this year (and he’s bound to start one of these days), he might be #1.

As I speculated yesterday, Montoyo is going to mess with his rotation some. What I would never have thought, however, was that James Houser might be back in it. He starts tonight. So it looks like he may be back as a starter (unless it has something to do with Sonnanstine’s mono). After thirteen starts, Houser went to the bullpen where he’s made two appearances, both of them fairly long — one for 5 ⅓ and one for 3 ⅓. Overall his numbers are better than DeSalvo’s.

Odds & Ends:

  • Chris Mason has been released by the Rays. He’s been with Montgomery most of the season, except for his short visit to Durham back in early June.
  • Flip Flop Fly Ball has a couple of new posters up.
  • Rays Index (and others) have really stirred up a storm regarding a rumored Carl Crawford trade. As a die-hard Bulls fan, I don’t have much of a dog in that hunt. However, I have to comment on the general myopia of Rays bloggers about the Bulls. Last time I looked, we’ve got four outfielders and, as good as he is, Matt Joyce is not the best of them. Most of the concern goes back to the Jackson/Joyce trade, but we don’t have a dog in that hunt either.

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