Friday, July 24, 2009

Durham Bulls Come Home

Game 99: Bulls 3, Indians 4
Season: 54-44
Wrap, Box

Well, the Bulls are home. For the first time since July 9th they (and we) will be in the DBAP. It was a long haul, finished off by a 10 inning affair last night when Medlock and Jaso combined to let a runner home after the Bulls outhit the Indians 13-9.

Let’s call it an eleven-game road trip, even though a few of the Bulls came home during the All-Star break. We won 4 and lost 7. Ten of the eleven games were decided by one or two runs (the other we won in Norfolk 9-2). Three went extra innings (16, 13 and 10). Of those we won one and lost two.

The persistent problem on the trip was bringing home runners in scoring position. Adam Sobsey took a look at that yesterday.

Unlike previous trips, not too much turmoil among the players. John Jaso got called up to sit on the bench for a couple of days and come back. Andy Sonnanstine went on the disabled list when we were in Norfolk and came off yesterday for a pretty good outing. Dale Thayer got called up yesterday and pitched a solid inning in the Rays’ loss to the White Sox. Jeremy Hellickson came to the Bulls from Montgomery and will be starting tonight.

Meanwhile, Norfolk has been waiting on us. They’ve lost four in a row and are only a half game ahead of us. Gwinnett isn’t. They’ve won six in a row and are only a half game behind us in the division.

We’ve got five games with Norfolk over the next four days, then it’s off to Scranton, who we haven’t played this year. These are going to be important series. The Bulls need to be on their game.

How Saturday is going to work:
  • They are going to be 9 inning games, unlike the usual International League double headers that go 7 innings.
  • First game at 1:05. Kids under 12 get a voucher for hot dog, chips & drink.
  • Park will be cleared after first game.
  • Second game at 7:05.
  • So, for season ticket holders we’ll have to find a way to kill a couple of hours between games or (heaven forbid) skip one of the games.
  • Guess I’ll have to listen to Neil tonight and see if he puts out any more details. Won’t even try to guess at who’s pitching on Saturday, but it won’t be Sonnanstine or Davis. Assuming Hellickson starts today, it will have been more than five days or more for Houser, Hernandez, and DeSalvo.


Over at Rays Index an outspoken look at yesterday’s perfect game in Chicago.


Probable rotation
  • Today: Hellickson
  • Saturday afternoon: Houser
  • Saturday night: Hernandez
  • Sunday: Cromer
  • Monday: Davis

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