Sunday, July 12, 2009

Two Home Runs; Bulls Win

Game 90: Bulls 9, Tides 2
Season: 51-39
Wrap, Box

This post is taking a bit longer to type than usual. I’m having to use just my left hand. It seems I threw something out in my right shoulder patting myself on the back for the perspicacity of my analysis this morning.

It is certainly a minor quibble that today’s two home runs by Elliot Johnson in the 3rd inning and Ray Sadler in the 5th inning did not win the game; that in fact the winning run was scored on a Ray Sadler single in the 6th. And it is also most certainly a quibble that Tides reliever Jake Arrieta had a complete melt-down later in the 6th, coming in with two outs and the bases loaded and walking in two runs and then giving up a two-run single. As for the four double plays, just business as usual for the Durham infield.

The Bulls go into the break tied for first place in the South, not bad considering the last couple of days.

My guess is that John Jaso will be back with us by next Thursday. Assume he was warming up pitchers down in St. Pete. Sure hope he doesn’t take the blame for the Rays bullpen giving up 4 runs and the game down there today.

Justin Ruggiano was sent for X-rays after getting hit by a pitch on his left hand today. Hope it was only a bruise and he will be back by Thursday as well.

Shoulder’s really giving me trouble. Think I’ll just post this and have a celebratory glass of wine.

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