Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dale Thayer to Tampa Bay

According to a report from the Bulls front office, Dale Thayer has been called back up to Tampa Bay. Digging through the Rays roster I see that Chad Bradford, the submariner we saw a while back, has been put on the disabled list. So maybe that explains why Thayer was called up.

Best of luck to Dale. We're sure gonna miss him while he's gone.

Update: A link to The Rays Party on this one, with graphs on how Dale did the last time he was called up.


  1. Bradford went on the DL after hurting his back warming up last night (got called into the game, hurt himself on the mound and got taken out without actually throwing a pitch in the game). I assume Dale is up as a replacement, but the word is that Brian Shouse is set to come of the DL soon (today, I thought), so I am not sure how that fits in with Dale's call-up.

  2. Have updated post with a new link with a bit more background to go with yours.

  3. I would think Shouse would go to Durham for a couple of rehab appearences before joining Tampa

  4. Well, Dale pitched a really nice 9th for the Rays today. Not that anyone will really pay much attention, with the perfect game and all.

  5. Wow! That was quick (into the lineup, that is). Three outings in three days for Dale!

    Of course, you're right. Nobody's going to notice with Buehrle's extraordinary game.