Thursday, July 2, 2009

Transactions: #1 — Meloan

In the first of what is likely to be several transactions today, the Tampa Bay Rays traded Winston Abreu (really sorry to see him go, really hoped he’d be back to us) to Cleveland for 25 year-old Columbus Clippers reliever John Meloan and Meloan was assigned to Durham.

At least Winston will be staying in the bigs since he’s to go on Cleveland’s active roster. See here for the trade and here for stats on Meloan.

Gotta be at least one (I think two) more move before game time. If I hear anything before I go to the game, I’ll put it up.


Here's a press release from the Rays regarding the transaction.


  1. From Indians Prospect Insider:

    "Meloan throws a fastball that tops out around 94-95 MPH, and he compliments it with a nasty slider that is an out pitch. He also throws a cutter, changeup and curveball with are all good pitches, but are more show-me pitches to set up his fastball and slider. In addition to his talent, one of the big selling points for Meloan is how much of a competitor he is on the mound and his off the charts makeup. With his pitching repetoire to go along with his makeup and composure Meloan has the makings of a dominant backend reliever down the road, perhaps even a closer"

    Sounds interesting. It is sad to see Winston go, but Meloan might be worth watching.

  2. Off topic of the post, but I am listening to the game on-line today.

    How many bats has Weber thrown into the crowd this year? Is it me, or does he have a harder time holding onto his bat than everyone else?

  3. I am pretty much just hanging out by myself here tonight, but for what it is worth, Chad Orvella signed with the Royals and will play AA for them.

  4. Will surely comment on Weber's bats when I get to writing up game. That's at least 4 this year.

    Hope Chad can get back in shape. I like him a lot.

    Thanks for info on Meloan.