Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Top 5 Durham Bulls — OPS

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OPS is the On Base Percentage plus Slugging. Most statistics-watchers think that OPS is a better indicator of a player's skill than batting average, and I tend to agree. None of these numbers here are particularly stellar, although they aren't bad either. Richard’s OPS is 10th in the IL. Eight current Tampa Bay Rays are in the 800s, three of them with better OPS than Richard.

The Bulls won today!

Game 97: Bulls 3, Indians 1
Season: 54-43
Wrap, Box

Small ball was enough for a change, and Wade Davis did a really fine job allowing only 1 run on 3 hits, 4 walks, and 9(!) strikeouts in a solid 6+ innings. He didn’t get the win, but it was still one of his best performances of the year. Also nice to see Jason Childers get a win and Dale Thayer get a save. Thayer has had a tough time recently, but here he goes back to back and does a good job. Plus bullpen gets a break for a change.

Hitting star was Chris Richard going 3 for 5 with 2 RBIs.

I had thought that since Sonnanstine starting tomorrow, someone was definitely going to have to leave the rotation. But, incredible as it might sound, I could be wrong. The Bulls have five games in four days this weekend before they hit the road again. I wonder if Hellickson is just up for a spot start to help the Bulls get through the next couple of days?


  1. I agree that we should leave everyone in the starting rotation until we get past this weekend, but I bet that Hellickson stays with us unless something really terrible happens Friday.

    There has been some talk on the Ray's boards that Davis could be included in a deal for Cliff Lee. It would be tough to see Wade go, but it would solve the rotation question.

  2. What I'd like to see is Hellickson stay and DeSalvo go. In fact, it's my guess that if Hellickson hadn't had his shoulder troubles DeSalvo would never had been hired. DeSalvo's numbers for us are terrible. He's had just one start that could be called decent, and that was back on June 7th.

    Seems to me that the Rays are all about developing young pitchers, and it has really paid off for them in the long run. So I'm guessing (and its pure guessing) that Davis is with us for the year. In my perfect world: DeSalvo goes; Talbot comes of the DL, Hernandez goes to bullpen (or Houser as a long reliever), and all is right with the world. Then Weber and Richard get September call-ups and we still win the Governor's Cup. That's my fantasy and I'm sticking to it.

  3. when wil Chris Richard ever get called back to the Majors?

    Somebody is going to have to give him his cup of coffee

  4. Nice that Chris Richard leads the pack despite being out with injuries for a while. He's a good sport and a good sportsman - a nice combo in my book.