Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bulls Beat Sox; Roster Roulette

Game 93, Jul 16, McCoy Stadium, Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Durham Bulls 11, Pawtucket Red Sox 8
Season: 51-42; This Trip: 3-2
Wrap, Box, Pawtucket Times

The Bulls got their third short start in a row, only 3 1/3 from Matt Torra, and this time they couldn't blame it on the Rays. But the bats and gloves came through in a big way and they beat the Red Sox for just the second time this season.

The Bulls had a huge top of the 4th, scoring seven runs and going ahead 7-1. At a guess, however, Matt Torra had too much time on the bench. Only one out into the inning two runs had scored and two runners were on base. R.J. Swindle came in and got Carl Crawford to pop up, but walked a batter and gave up a grand slam. So the Red Sox were back in the game and it was all tied up for a couple of innings.

The Bulls picked up a run in the 6th on a Dan Johnson single and three runs in the 9th, two off a Leslie Anderson home run. That was enough.

It was a game that drives the numbers guys nuts. By every measure (hits, total bases, etc) the Red Sox should have won. They didn't. A key error on their part, two timely double plays on the Bulls part, explain much of the difference.

Given our starting pitching problems, nice to see two relievers able to go back to back. Rob Delaney did fine, Dane De La Rosa less so, but he did get out of a tough 9th inning intact.

Let's back up and see if we can sort out who's playing for the Durham Bulls these days.
  • Alex Cobb is not. He's off to St. Petersburg, reportedly to start against the New York Yankees on Monday. || Note: That same item states that the reason that Alexander Torres had a short start on Friday was that Cobb had been hit in the head in batting practice that morning and they weren't sure he would be able to come down to St. Pete.
  • Desmond Jennings is. He DH'd last night and went 3 for 4 with two doubles and scoring two runs.
  • Ryan Reid is back from Montgomery. He came into the game in the 5th inning and pitched a somewhat shaky two innings. A bases-loaded, nobody out situation was maybe a bit more than "somewhat shaky". Still, an out at home, a popup, and a ground out got him out of trouble. Reid got his first win in his 20 (!) appearances as a Bull.
  • John Matulia is also back from Montgomery. You may be forgiven for not knowing who outfielder John Matulia is since he has never played an inning in Durham. He came to the team for the two pre-All-Star break games in Norfolk and then went back to Montgomery. Now he's back. He's working on getting his first AAA hit.

By my count (probably off) the Bulls have had 11 roster transactions in the last ten days. Glad that I don't have to keep track of travel, uniform, and equipment logistics for the Rays, Bulls, and Biscuits.


  1. Swindle released and Hayhurst back to the DL.

    Sad to type both of those.

  2. Couldn't agree more. And now we've got even worse pitching problems. As I type Ekstrom in trouble.