Sunday, July 17, 2011

Swindle "Out"; Hayhurst Hurt

As has been noted before, WDBB is no friend of opt-out contracts and the secrecy that surrounds them. Turns out that R. J. Swindle had one and has opted out. As much as I enjoyed watching your slow curve, R. J., don't let the door hit you on the way out. You've done no favors to your team or Bulls fans.

Dirk Hayhurst has gone on the DL for the second time this year. Coming off surgery and a year away from baseball, that's not looking good. We like Dirk. Let's hope it's something minor.

Starting rotation for the next four days?

Possibly Torres, Sonnanstine, Reid, and Torra. How do you like them apples?


  1. July 16, 2010, you had an article about Swindle *not* opting out, along with Abreu. Thought that was kind of funny how close the dates were.

    Bulls are going to need some pitchers soon, wonder if there is anyone in Montgomery who could help? :) Something tells me you'll enjoy Moore more than Swindle and Hayhurst combined.

  2. Good grief! Does that mean someone actually reads, and possibly remembers some of this drivel? I'm stunned.
    For those interested, here's what Doug is referring to,,
    I really did say it was a good thing for that RJ was staying with the Bulls. But that was before the Rays signed about a dozen of those opt-out suckers and assigned them all to the Bulls, and they all opted out.
    Thanks for keeping me honest, Doug. I'll return the favor someday.
    Moore, maybe Chris Archer. Especially when we're depending on Lance Cormier and, well, and ...

    But the Bulls did score 13 runs today!

  3. Please please Matt Moore please please please ...

  4. I vaguely remembered the Swindle thing and figured you had something on it. And if anyone should know drivel it's me, and I enjoy your drivel. :)

    Agree on the opt-outs. Typically you see those with teams who are in a bad stretch at the major league level (think Pirates, Royals). A way to bring cheap reinforcements into an organization that wouldn't be all that attractive to most AAA-level free agents. But the Rays shouldn't need to do that, they've won 2 of the last 3 AL East titles. No idea why they agreed to those opt-out clauses, shouldn't have had to. And now Durham is paying the price.

    Most importantly, I almost nailed the Moore promotion date!