Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yes, They Lost, But ...

Game 96, July 19, Frontier Field, Rochester, New York
Rochester Red Wings 3, Durham Bulls 2
Season: 53-43; This Trip: 5-3
Wrap, Box, Rochester D&C

Yes, the Bulls lost, but there were several good things happening in this game that made for interesting baseball.

For example, there was the tag team of Dan Johnson and Russ Canzler. In the 2nd inning Johnson led off with a single, went to third on a Russ Canzler double, and came home on a Nevin Ashley ground out. In the 7th inning Johnson led off with a double and came home on a Russ Canzler single. So hopes were high in the 9th when the score was 2-3 and Johnson got a one-out single. Russ Canzler drew a walk and they went to second and third on an Olmedo ground out, but never got home.

For another, after a terrible beginning (the first five batters reached base and two scored), Andy Sonnanstine did just fine in his first start in a very long while. Have the Bulls finally got another starting pitcher? Looks that way. He went six innings. When you don't really have any relievers available, that was a great effort. Solondz was talking position-player pitching before the game started.

Then there was the Rochester ball club. The young Australian, Liam Hendricks, looked pretty good in his AAA debut. He's worked hard to get to AAA. As the Rochester newspaper reported:
"I don't get nervous out there anymore,'' the newest Red Wings pitcher said.
Why should he? The Australia native has overcome knee surgeries in 2006 and '07, spinal surgery that forced him to miss the 2008 season and an emergency appendectomy that cost him a spot in the 2010 Futures All-Star Game.
"Other than that, I've been healthy," he joked.
So, yeah, they lost. But today's another game.


  1. So Bulls just tweeted this:
    The Bulls just got Joe Bateman back in the bullpen! Now that deserves some likes!

    I can't find anything else on it though.

  2. Yahoo!

    Will do some chasing around and see what he's been up to. Know that he signed with Oakland and was pitching with River Cats (I thought). Will have to chase it down. Might mean that an opt-out contract worked in our favor for a change. Will have to listen to Neal tonight.

    Great news as far as I'm concerned.