Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bulls to RI; Carl Crawford in Left

This could be fun tonight ... or not. If you were a Bulls pitcher who'd made it to the Rays at any time in the last couple of years, the guy who would have had your back was Carl Crawford. Now he will a re-habbing with the Pawtucket Red Sox and he'll be trying to ruin your night for the next couple of games. Wouldn't it be weird if Andy Sonnanstine gets up on the mound?
All-Star Game

Durham Bulls representatives to the Triple-A All-Star team did just fine. If fact, Russ Canzler won the game for the International League.
Wrap 1, Wrap 2, Box, Video

Brandon Guyer started in center field and was 0-3. Ray Olmedo started at shortstop and was 1 for 2. Russ Canzler started at third base and was 1-4 with 3 RBI.

Web World

Rays Prospects has another of its terrific tables analyzing pitchers in the Rays' minor league system. Matt Moore and Chris Archer down in Montgomery are doing just fine.

Speaking of Matt Moore, he's really getting a lot of attention these days.

One of my favorite sites, Craig Robison's FlipFlopFlyBall had an interesting graphic on All-Star players that I missed putting up before the game. And he's got a book of his work coming out.

One of the better Rays blogs, The Process Report, is shutting down. Too bad. They did some thoughtful work over there.

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