Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sonnanstine to Bulls; Guyer to Rays

According to Marc Topkin at the St. Pete Times, Andy Sonnanstine, a relief pitcher, has been optioned to the Bulls and Brandon Guyer has been called up. Sonnanstine will reportedly go into the starting rotation.

As is typical, the Bull going "up" has about 4 hours to get there, Guyer likely to be in the lineup against the Yankees tomorrow. The Ray coming "down" has about 4 days to get to Durham. In this case, probably joining the Bulls in Pawtucket next Thursday.

How come Guyer instead of Jennings? Who knows? Commentary at Rays Index, DRaysBay, and probably other sites.


  1. hmmmm I would have chosen Jennings in a heartbeat over Guyer...

  2. Where's this new guy Matulia come from?

    And I disagree, Rays need a Guyer more than Jennings right now. Need players who hit for average. Des from Durham isn't doing that right now.

  3. Matulia up from Montgomery. I only heard the last couple of innings last night, so it'll be a while before I get around to chasing some of this stuff down. And then the Bulls play at 1:00 I think.

    Best would be to see if Neil covers it in his opening today.