Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Moore Coming Up; Torres Coming Back

Matt Moore, the top pitching prospect in all of the minor leagues, is coming to the Bulls. [Biscuit Crumbs| According to Stacey Long, Moore is schedule to start on the Bulls return this Friday.


Alexander Torres, after a disastrous 9th inning Monday night, is coming back to the Bulls.

Here at WDBB we really, really try to not comment too much on Rays management. But gee whiz, you gotta wonder what Maddon was thinking. Torres is 23 years old, has appeared in 105 games as a professional, all but 9 as a starter. He has not pitched a single inning of relief since he was in A ball the year before last. He pitched two innings (as a starter) on Friday. And what is he famous for? Walking batters. So his major league debut is in the 9th inning of a tie game with the New York Yankees (Alex walked in the winning run). Way to go Joe!


  1. I'm actually a pretty big fan of Maddon's and tend to reserve judgment when he's doing something that seems weird. So often it turns out right. But that was a pretty shocking decision that turned out pretty much as I thought it would. If a season ever came down to two games, I think it just did for the Rays this week.

    I wish I were a bit better fan, though. Got very excited about Matt Moore, thought I'd change my Friday plans to see his first start, checked the weather, and was thankful that it will be televised.

  2. The only source we have, so far, for the Friday start is Stacy Long down in Montgomery. If I happen to hear anything different, I'll put it up.

    His last start was Jul 17 (Sunday), so Friday would be perfect to keep him on a 5-day rotation.

    The trick at the DBAP is to 1) sit in the Terrace Reserved section under fans, 2) have lots of liquids and 3) be very, very still (except after home runs). And it's only supposed to get to 106... So, see you there!

  3. I agree with Rays Index on this one. Maddon didn't really want to pitch Torres, and hence why he tried to bring Farnseworth in for 5 batters.

    That's where the game was lost.

    Torres was just a sacrificial lamb that *almost* gave the Rays a 2nd shot at winning.

    BTW, with the Rays now 8 out and falling off the Yankees as well, get used to a lot more roster moves. Lots of sales pre-deadline, especially if the Rays don't take 3 in a row here.

  4. Agree that turmoil is likely, but hard to do anything more than just speculate about what's up. Don't think the Rays have ever had a real fire sale, so maybe not all that bad. Trying to keep my eye on the Bulls, though. Have to say that, all things considered, they are doing just great.

    Torres was a potentially expensive sacrificial lamb, seems to me. Why not De La Rosa? Or delay throwing Allen off the bus by one day? But surely something going on that I don't understand.