Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gomes to the Rays

Brandon Gomes has been called back to the Rays, apparently because Wade Davis has been put on the Disabled List. |The Heater|

This will be the second time this year that Gomes has been with the Rays. He had 10 appearances in May before coming back to Durham in mid-June. The Rays have four games against the Yankees in New York, so Brandon gets to spend some time in the Big Apple. As to why a reliever goes to the Rays to fill in for a starting pitcher, I'll leave that to those more qualified than I at reading Rays' tea leaves.

Also, no idea if the Bulls will be getting anyone to fill the hole.

[Update: Had one of my blinding glimpses of the obvious. With the all-star break coming up, most likely the Rays will just tell the Bulls to suck it up for four games, hope that Davis gets well enough to pitch after the break, and send Gomes back to the Bulls by July 14.

On the other hand, that's so obvious odds are that I'm wrong.]


  1. In reality I doubt Davis is injured at all. He pitched last night, and essentially he's the #5 starter for the Rays.

    They have 4 games until the break, which means they can pitch Price, Shields, Hellickson and Niemann.

    There's 4 days off, so they can restart the rotation right after with Boston on the 15th, probably call up Cobb for 1 start against NY on the 19th and have Davis back on the 21st or thereafter all while having the Bulls' best reliever for that span (or 2nd best if you like McGee more).

    Does suck for us Bulls fans, but maybe it's time to promote Matt Moore? He had another great game yesterday.

  2. Oh, suspicious minds! But they've done it before.

    A chance to see Moore, that would be really, really nice. Pretty sure he'll be with us before the end of the year.

    Still don't want to see Cobb go up until we can establish a lead in the South Division. Not as if that's of much of a concern to the Rays.

    Time for Jennings to go up as well...

    Really thought Sonnanstine would be with us before now. Sonnanstine for Cobb swap seems more logical ...