Monday, July 18, 2011

Torres to Tampa Bay with Cobb

Instead of just calling up Alex Cobb, the Rays added Alex Torres to the list. They dumped one of their relievers Adam Russell, who might be coming the Bulls way, and put another, Juan Cruz, on the DL to make room.

Boy am I tired of putting up these postings!

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, whatever are you going to do about this? Just keep on truckin' I suppose.

Now just where did I put that starting pitcher list? Wish I still smoked. I could use it to make a cigarrette. I know, running out of TP. I can use it there.

That's 16 roster moves since the 8th of July, but who's counting?

Update: Stacy Long down in Montgomery did a quick headcount of the Biscuits on the field. All present or accounted for at 3:00 PM

And I really do understand. After all those poor guys had to play 16 whole innings yesterday. They must be just all tuckered out. 


  1. By the time the team comes back to town, it's going to be an entirely new group. My brain can't stand much more of this.

    I've been listening to the games, and the new guy whose impossible-to-remember name starts with an M is very impressive. As is Anderson, who's coming on strong.

    Now if only we had some strength in the pitching department...

  2. I'm thinking 2nd place in the South; unless Charlotte comes on strong in August.