Thursday, July 28, 2011

Catcher Swap

Stacy Long is reporting that Bulls catcher Craig Albernaz is off to Montgomery  and Biscuits catcher Steven Vogt is on his way to Durham.

This must have happened after the game since we saw Albernaz deliver the line-up card to the umpires last night. 

We really like Albernaz. Here’s hoping he has fun playing ball in Montgomery and helps them to another championship.

Steven Vogt is a legitimate prospect who has been working his way up through the Rays system for a couple of years. This was his first year in AA, so maybe shouldn’t expect to much from him yet, but maybe ... he is the leading hitter on the Biscuits. Stats. If you’re wondering about his wear of the hockey-style mask, in his case the Rays told him to. His jaw was dislocated by a foul ball in the middle of July. 

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