Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two More Biscuits Joining Moore

We may need to re-think the name of the Durham Bulls, maybe Bulls/Biscuits fits better. As much as we've whimpered about this year's Bulls roster, the Biscuits are no better off.

Two more pitchers are on their way:

Jim Paduch, a 28-year old starting pitcher coming out of independent baseball in June has had 9 games with the Biscuits, 1-4, 45 1/3 innings, 4.96 ERA. Stats. Background.

Marquis Fleming, a 24 year-old relief pitcher. He's appeared in 29 games, 56 1/3 innings, 2.56 ERA. Stats. Rays Prospects Analysis (click on table).

In addition to these two, the Bulls have recently acquired from the Biscuits third baseman Daniel Mayora, outfielder John Matulia, catcher Nevin Ashley, and pitchers Ryan Reid and Matt Moore. That's one -third of a baseball team.

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