Sunday, June 7, 2009

AAA All-Star Voting

It doesn’t jump out at you (or at least me) on just how to get to the ballot. On the Durham Bulls home page at the upper left it cycles through various stories. In the teaser paragraph about All-Star voting there’s a “vote” link that takes you to the ballot.

Durham Bulls on the ballot (you weren’t going to vote for anyone else, were you?):

Starting Pitchers(vote for 2)
  • Carlos Hernandez
  • Mitch Talbot
  • Wade Davis
Relief Pitchers (vote for 2)
  • Winston Abreu
  • Dale Thayer
  • Julio DePaula
  • John Jaso
First Base
  • Chris Richard
Second Base
  • Ray Olmedo
  • Reid Brignac
Third Base
  • Chris Novak
Outfield (vote for up to 3)
  • Justin Ruggiano
  • Matt Joyce
  • Ray Sadler
Designated Hitter
  • Jon Weber

Far be it from me to suggest how you should vote, but here’s my choices, including write-ins. Note that you can vote up to 25 times and that fan votes only count for one-third of the votes. See here for more details.

Starting pitchers:
  • Carlos Hernandez and Wade Davis
  • Winston Abreu and Dale Thayer
  • No vote. John’s OK, but not All-Star caliber yet and I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for someone on another team.
First Base:
  • Chris Richard, of course
Second Base:
  • Ray Olmedo (realize that he’s played almost as much third base and second, but Ray’s meant a lot to our team this year wherever he’s played)
  • No vote (see write-in below). Reid hasn’t been with us for a couple of weeks. Don’t know when he’ll be back. And, to be honest, I’m not sure he’s the best in the IL.
Third Base:
  • No vote. I like Chris Nowak a lot, but is he really a third baseman? Or just learning how to be a hitter who’ll end up playing first base sometime, someplace.
  • Ray Sadler and Justin Ruggiano. Don’t see the point in voting for Matt Joyce, don’t think he’s coming back. See write-ins below.
Designated hitter:
  • Jon Weber, of course.
Write ins:
  • Jon Weber, outfield
  • Brandon Chaves, shortstop

It’s kind of tedious to make 25 votes, but probably worth it to our guys. Also, if you’re a fan of any players in the Pacific Coast League, you can vote for them as well.


  1. I am surprised that Price wasn't on the list. Not because he deserves to be an All-Star (he doesn't at least for the Bulls), but because he is a big name that I am sure that the IL would like to have been voted to the game, at least for a bit of name recognition. He got called up right about the time Reid did, so he could be on there.

  2. I was surprised at Price's absence also; perhaps MiLB knows he won't be coming back down.


  3. Would have voted for Matt Wieters, except he's not on the ballot.


  4. Good point about Price, but sure that I would not have voted for him, given the choices. See my post about Abreu, he really deserves a vote (or two, or 25).