Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ugly Night

Game 64: Bulls 5, Iron Pigs 8
Season: 38-26
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Just a hint of how the night was going to go when I saw Julio DePaula go out to the mound. I didn’t have my radio earpiece in yet. So I leaned over and asked John what was going on. He told me that Hernandez had some sort of back problem and that Montoyo was going with a “starter by committee” approach. Hence, reliever DePaula on the mound. A broken-bat ground rule double (into the the visitors bullpen bench area), passed ball, walk, but fortunately a K to get out of the inning. No score, but things really weren’t looking all that good. The next inning started with a double, another double (one run in), another double (another run scores), a throwing error by DePaula to 2nd base (runner to 3rd), grounder to short (another run). Two of the doubles land in almost exactly the same place in front of and two the left of Matt Joyce in right field.

It doesn’t get better. John Jaso had a horrible night. Two passed balls and three wild pitches. What’s the difference? Hard to tell, sometimes I think the scorer just flips a coin.

Fourth inning. New guy Jorge Julio on the mound. Walk, stolen base (Jaso couldn’t seem to get the ball out of his glove), wild pitch, wild pitch (runner scores), walk, single, double play.

Fellow sitting next to me reminisces about Chris Richard’s two grand slam game. But I give up and watch the top of the 7th from the top of the Blue Monster. Driving home I get a huge twinge when the Bulls score three in the bottom of the 7th. Think about turning around and going back to the ball park, but the rally dies.

Odds and Ends
  • Noticed that we had the same umpiring crew for the entire eight-game road trip (different crew tonight). Is that the way it’s supposed to work? Do pitchers and catchers start adapting their game to the umpire?
  • Mike Potter, former Herald Sun sportswriter, is now blogging for The Independent Weekly and covering the Mudcats. Most recent story here. Interesting to see what happens when a pro gets let off the word count leash. Among other things, colorful adjectives go way up.
  • Remember, vote early, vote often for International League All-Star. Guess that since Reid Brignac is back (today, maybe), makes sense to push for him in the shortstop slot.
  • Speaking of Reid Brignac, some comments about him at DRaysbay.
  • For Durham folks who haven’t found it, I can recommend Bull City Rising, a great city blog, with a good list of blogs covering local concerns/activities (we’re on it, thanks).


  1. Any word on Elliot Johnson's injury?

  2. Last I heard, maybe two weeks ago, was that he was down at Rays' rehab facility. Haven't heard an update since then. Maybe someone who knows more will chime in here.