Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chad Orvella

The note from the Durham Bulls front office is a bit cryptic:
“Chad Orvella released”
Seems like Chad Orvella has been in the bullpen ever since I’ve been coming to Bulls games. Checking the stats pages I see that mostly true. He spent some time with us in 2006 (27 games), 2007 (42 games), and this year (19 games). When he wasn’t here, he was with the Rays, in 2005 (37 games), 2006 (22 games), and 2007 (10 games).

In May 2008 he had shoulder surgery and missed the entire season, so this year was to be his comeback year. I’m guessing (and it is pure guesswork) that he and/or the Rays have decided it isn’t going to work out.

If/when I learn more, I’ll pass it on.

[As DRR commented below Chad was let go to make room for reliever Jorge Julio, most recently with Milwaukee. Now being reported in several places including here]


  1. He was released to make room for the newly signed Jorge Julio.

    It has been a long time since I have seen Julio pitch, but my guess is that he doesn't have much left in the tank. The Rays must feel pretty worried about their bullpen if they think Julio might be a solution for them.

  2. Right you are. I've updated the post. Thanks, I had not seen that.

  3. Man, I agree with you on Julio. They must be planning for the worst in TB.