Friday, June 12, 2009

Matt Joyce is Coming Back

Tampa area newspapers ( and the Bulls Twitter) are reporting that Matt Joyce is coming back to the Durham Bulls (St Pete Times, Tampa Tribune). No surprise since one of the Rays many re-habbers, Pat Burrell, is back. Still, I thought there was a remote chance that the Rays would dump Gabe Kapler and keep Joyce up there.

Bloggers note that Matt got off to a great start, then faltered (RaysIndex) and that Joe Dillon is staying (Rays Revolutionary). Her Rays, of course, has her own take on it.

My count is probably off, but that's at least six roster changes since the Bulls left town (not counting Alex Jamieson's trips to/from Hudson Valley). The Rays have more coming off rehab (and we've got a couple of our own due back eventually), so little prospect that things will settle down any time soon.

1 comment:

  1. I guess that all in all, with the lack of cohesion, we've done pretty well on the road trip.

    But doggone, when your starting pitcher only gives up 1 run, and you lose 1-0, it's kinda discouraging.