Saturday, June 6, 2009

Where We Stand

(click on chart for larger view)

As the Durham Bulls arrive in Pawtucket, time to take a look at where we stand.

Charted are the teams in the International League Southern Division over the first 55 games. Since our last look, the Bulls have gone from 10 games above .500 to 15 games above .500 (35-20), one game behind Norfolk. Norfolk has been no slouch in the last couple of weeks, and Gwinnett’s on a bit of a run as well.

We’ve got the second-best record in the entire league and if the playoffs were to begin tomorrow, we’d be the wild card. Scranton (33-22) leads the North and Columbus (27-28!) leads the West.

The Bulls team ERA (3.69) is the 5th best in the league. Our team batting average (.258) has dropped from fourth to ninth since the last time we looked. However, the team OPS (.752) is still fourth. Other than Chris Richard’s 11 home runs, none of our hitters lead in offensive categories (although Justin Ruggiano is second in strikeouts). Nevertheless, all of our guys are above .200 (except for Craig Albernaz). Brandon Chaves’ remarkable .400 will surely drop a bit, as will Henry Mateo’s and Rashad Eldridge’s .292s, but we can hope.

We’ll be playing the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Buffalo Bisons. We haven’t seen the Pawsox this season and we just finished a series with the Bisons (3-1). Here’s hoping for decent weather up there in the Nawth.

At least one familiar face will be on the field tonight, rehabbing right-hander John Smoltz. A chance for our hitters to show their stuff.

Have fun guys!


  1. Unfortunately, our hitters were unable to show any stuff, either with Smoltz or the Sox relievers. We've got to stop this come-from-behind mentality, we're not that good at it; tying run at third in both the 7th and 9th.


  2. Looks like we're in good shape for the division run.

  3. I agree (about the division). I'm beginning to think that the benefit of all this turmoil in the lineup is that the Bulls have to keep thinking of themselves as a team, so perhaps less messed up mentally if any individual in having a bad day pitching or bad stretch at the plate. The "making lemonade" approach to baseball. Seems to be working.

  4. I wonder if more of those Norfolk players are going to get a call-up soon, or if the front office in Baltimore will be smart enough to think long-term and let their AAA players develop while their MLB team sinks deeper and deeper.

  5. I've been wondering the same thing. In 2006-7, when the Rays were awful, they pretty much left us alone. Then last year it was, it seemed, players back and forth every week. Showed a good bit of patience on their part to leave some of their young guys alone, even if we had to put up with a couple of guys who were 1) awful at their position or 2) awful in their level of maturity. Maybe Baltimore's doing the same thing. I just don't watch either the Tides or Baltimore all that closely.