Sunday, June 7, 2009

Let’s Talk About a Pitcher

Game 57: Bulls 4, Red Sox 4
Season: 36-21
Wrap, Box

A thriller. The Durham Bulls go 1 run up in the 4th, give up 4 runs in the 7th, score 4 in the top of the 9th, and Abreu (after a few thrills) slams the door in the bottom of the 9th.

The wrap discusses some of the batting heroics. As far as pitching goes, Matt DeSalvo had a fine day. Joe Bateman and Dale Thayer didn’t. Calvin Medlock had his first appearance, one inning, one win.

But I want to talk about Winston Abreu and what he’s meant to us this year.

Abreu has appeared in 22 games this season. He’s faced 114 batters over 31 innings: 12 hits, 10 walks, 47 strikeouts, ERA of 1.45. Fabulous numbers, but look at these: 3 wins, 10 saves, 7 holds. In fact, in the 22 games he’s appeared in, the Bulls have won 21 of them! The one game lost was back on May 12th. You all remember that one don’t you, when Louisville came up with 5 runs against Dale Thayer in the 9th and ruined his ERA for a long, long time? Abreu pitched a scoreless 8th.

Winston is the most dominant reliever I’ve seen in a Bulls uniform. Here’s hoping he stays here all year. If he does, and the Bulls keep up these late inning rushes — something my heart could do without; however, consider the alternative — then we are in very good shape.

Other notes:
  • Joe Bateman takes the lead among Durham pitchers in the hit batsman category with four. I’m too lazy to check if they were all right-handed batters too dumb to get out of the way of a sidearmer’s curveball.
  • Pawtucket, by the way, leads the league in pitchers who hit batters with 28, Durham is a distant seventh with 21, one of them in today’s game.
  • Norfolk lost! We’re tied for first place in the division (actually we’re a couple of percentage points back since they’ve played two less games than we have. Both of us are 15 games over .500).

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