Thursday, June 18, 2009

Open Letter From the Jason Cromer Fan Club

Game 66: Bulls 0, Iron Pigs 4
Season: 38-28
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June 18, 2009

The Durham Bulls Baseball Club
Durham Bulls Athletic Park
Durham, NC

Dear sirs:

With the recent exponential growth in the membership in the Jason Cromer Fan Club (100% growth in just the last day!) I feel that it is incumbent upon me to bring to your attention the woeful neglect of the object of our affection over his last few games.

Back in April we noted with only a small twinge of regret your decision to send Jason to Montgomery. After all, he’d started two games, pitched 5 innings each, and didn’t allow any runs at all (1-0, ERA: 0.00). But we understood. James Houser needed a spot on the roster, and he’s done a really good job since coming on.

We were pleased, however, to see him back this month. His first appearance was against Pawtucket on June 6th. He let one pitch get away from him in the first (a homer) and another in the second (another homer). Otherwise, he went 5 ⅔ innings and no more runs scored. On June 12th he pitched against Buffalo and went 6 innings. Buffalo scored 1 run in the second inning. Yesterday he went eight innings without giving up a single run. That’s 19 ⅔ innings since he’s been back. In those 19 ⅔ innings YOU have scored exactly ONE run.

Would it be too much to ask a favor of the team? We appreciate the recent difficulties you have endured, but is it really too much to ask you to SCORE AT LEAST ONE G...D… RUN? Is that asking too much? He’s not letting THEM score. Why can’t you? If not for Jason, how about for the team?

Respectfully yours,

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