Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bulls Win 15 Inning Ordeal

Game 74: Bulls 2, Mud Hens 4
Wrap, Box, Indy Week Story

Game 75: Bulls 5, Mud Hens 3 (15 Innings)
Season: 41-34
Wrap, Box, Indy Week Story

My plan, once I heard that Jason Cromer was getting the start, was to focus my story on him — no matter what the outcome of the game. That was especially so since I’d heard that the President of his fan club was going to be interviewed over on The Rays Party. For the first 6 innings things went true to form for Jason, with the notable exception of him getting some run support by way of a home run from Chris Richard in his first at bat since coming off the DL, and a bit of small ball in the 3rd inning. At that point Jason had only allowed two hits, no walks, and eight strikeouts. My story was good to go. Then something of an oops in the 7th. A single, then a home run and he was out of there with a no-decision.

Eight innings and five pitchers later, the Bulls won. It wasn’t easy. My guess is that Toledo fans will not be marveling over some of the oddities of the game. One would be Dale Thayer with a blown save in the 10th that tied things up after Ray Sadler’s homer in the top of the inning and extended the extra inning ordeal. Or seeing, unique in my experience, an umpire calling interference on himself in what I think was the bottom of the 12th inning, which kept a Toledo runner from reaching third base. [It was the bottom of the 10th, and the umpire interfered with a throw to third on a steal attempt, causing the throw to go past third. Without the call, runner scores. Game over. Thanks, N.]

But in the 15th Jon Weber drew a walk. Henry Mateo hit a double, moving Weber to third. Ray Olmedo was intentionally walked (lots of those last night) to load the bases (two outs by this time). And Justin Ruggiano, after going 0 for 6, hit a single, scoring Weber and Mateo. Julio DePaula, in his third inning in relief and after only two days rest, finished it off.

Have to mention the bottom of the 14th heroics of Jon Weber. Toledo’s Scott Sizemore doubled. Clete Thomas followed with a single to Weber in right field. Sizemore, of course, tried to score, but was out at home on a perfect throw by Weber, otherwise the game would have been lost right there.

Odds and Ends
  • For a good overview of this game and the sheer hard work of this whole series in Toledo, check out the Indy Week story.
  • Charlie Montoyo leaves the team today to be with his son.
  • Matt Joyce was benched last night for getting thrown out of the game Thursday arguing a third strike call.
  • Andy Sonnanstine, last seen in Durham in 2007 when he appeared in 11 games before going up to the Rays, is coming back. Andy’s had a decent, but not stellar year with the Rays and apparently they had to choose between him and David Price once Kazmir came off the disabled list.
  • With Chad Bradford coming off the Rays DL, Winston Abreu was designated for assignment. There’s a remote chance he’ll show back up here, but not likely. More likely is that he’ll end up with another team.
  • Did I mention the interview with the President of the Jason Cromer Fan Club over on The Rays Party?

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  1. It is too bad that we are probably going to lose Abreu, but I don't know what would be a better choice for the Rays. I had heard speculation that the Rays were holding out using Dillon (it was pretty bad when they used a pitcher as a pinch hitter over a bench player in a close game) with the hope he could slip through wavers, but I guess not.

    Lets hope The Duke can get things straight and help the Bulls out.