Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where the Bulls Are — Coca-Cola Field

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Tonight the Durham Bulls play the Bisons on their Coca-Cola Field in Buffalo, not to be confused with Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania where the Iron Pigs play. The field was apparently built to Major League standards/aspirations. It also seems to be hostage to the “naming rights” fad that has led so many cities and counties to pursue short-term financial gain instead of long-term resonance with a location’s history (does anyone else miss the Cotton, Sugar, and Gator Bowls? Or, for that matter, whatever the “RBC Center” was going to be before a bank grabbed the title?). Coca-Cola Field has had five names since 1988.

Brian Merzbach over at BallparkReviews likes the place a lot.

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