Sunday, June 7, 2009

Up In the Red Sox Nation

Game 56: Bulls 1, Red Sox 2
Season: 35-21
Wrap, Box

We spent much of yesterday evening helping with the country’s economic recovery. So we caught only snippets of the game on the radio as we drove to the restaurant to the mall and home. At least it was on the radio. That’s been a problem this season.

The story of the game was, of course, John Smoltz and obviously he did a good job. I was reminded of what a class act manager Charlie Montoyo can be when he said in his pre-game interview, “Hopefully, when he leaves the game he’s healthy, but losing.”

Not to be. In fact, it was the Durham Bulls worst game at the plate since a 0-4 loss at Gwinnett back on May 11. But that day our pitchers had problems. Last night our pitchers really didn’t. Returning Jason Cromer had a fine night, allowing only two hits. Unfortunately, they were both home runs and that was the difference.

Looking back just a bit, there’s an interesting interview with Jon Weber after that awful game in the rain last week. Worth listening to a veteran’s perspective on the game, every game. “This is what pays the bills. We just can’t give games away. We gotta go out there and try to win every game.”

I’ll be putting up a post about All-Star voting soon. Vote early, vote often!


  1. Sounds like Smoltz should be up in the bigs.

  2. "Vote early, vote often."

    It's the Chicago way.