Saturday, June 20, 2009

Coming Home From the Dentist

Game 68: Bulls 6, Red Sox 8
Season: 38-30
Wrap, Box

Driving home from the game last night was like coming home from the dentist. As you drive along what just happened is something of a vague memory, dulled by the heat, the radio in the car, the conversation, the drugs still in your system. Then the drugs start wearing off... For appropriate imagery, think Lawrence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man. You are Dustin Hoffman escaped from the dentist’s chair and running down the streets of New York.

For those of you reading this who weren’t at the game, sorry, I’m not going to relive it for you. I’m not that much of a masochist. For a short version, see Bryan Strickland in the Herald-Sun. For the long version, see Adam Sobsey in the Independent Weekly sport blogs.

Come to the park early tonight and get to honor some really, really important men. Durham is blessed with a number of gentleman who played in the Negro League era and the Bulls and Red Sox will be wearing uniforms emblematic of that time. Sure wish I could have seen these men play in their prime. Sure wish that their era had been kinder to them and that their talents were as widely recognized and respected then as they are now. But it wasn’t, and the best we can do is give them a cheer tonight. So let’s do that.

On Monday yet another rehabbing Ray is likely to be on the mound, Scott Kazmir. Looking forward seeing him. However, that means that Jason Cromer is likely to be pushed back in the rotation and we will not be seeing him again this home stand. Regular readers of this blog will understand what that may mean ...

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  1. Being at last night's game was sort of like being in the dentist's chair complete with laughing gas & novacaine, having a ball, till the 8th inning, when all drugs became ineffective in the middle of a full mouth tooth extraction.

    Joe Bateman was the dentist.

    A sadistic one at that.