Monday, June 15, 2009

Back in Town

But just who is back in town?

If the Bulls would keep their web site up to date (they’ve got Rhyne Hughes as a pitcher!), then this would probably not be needed , but they don’t and it is.

This year it seems that every time the Bulls go on the road the team that leaves isn’t the same team that comes back. This last trip is no different. I think I’ve captured most of the changes, but don’t bet on it. Guess we’ll just have to keep a close eye on who’s on the field, who’s in the bull pen, and who’s just leaning against the rail tonight. In the meantime here’s my best shot at who’s here, who’s new, who’s gone, and who’s on the disabled list.


  • Mitch Talbot — on DL
  • Wade Davis
  • Matt DeSalvo
  • Carlos Hernandez
  • James Houser
  • Jason Childers
  • Julio DePaula
  • Dale Thayer
  • Dewon Day — off DL today
  • Joe Bateman
  • Jorge Julio
  • Calvin Medlock
  • Jason Cromer
  • Winston Abreu — To Tampa Bay
  • Chad Orvella — released
Position Players

  • Craig Albernaz
  • John Jaso
  • Henry Mateo
  • Ray Olmedo
  • Brandon Chaves
  • Chris Nowak
  • Chris Richard — on DL
  • Elliott Johnson — on DL
  • Justin Ruggiano
  • Jon Weber
  • Ray Sadler
  • Rashad Eldridge
  • Rhyne Hughes
  • Matt Joyce
  • Reid Brignac
  • Matt Hall
  • Alex Jamieson

I don’t know what the roster limit for the Durham Bulls is, but I’m pretty sure this is over it, especially with Brignac coming back and Richard and Day due to come off the DL. So this list is probably already wrong. Corrections welcomed. Please!

The Iron Pigs (26-36) are in town. Carlos Hernandez is scheduled to start. Weather forecast doesn’t look good for the week, but who cares?

See you there.


  1. By my count, that's 25, which is the max.

  2. If 25 is the max, then when Richard comes off the DL, someone will have to go. The candidates would seem to be Chaves, Hughes, or Eldridge. Tough choice. If the criterion was best for the Bulls, I'd send Hughes back down. But the criterion is going to be best for the Rays, so looks like Chaves is odd man out. Or so it seems to me.

  3. If Hughes continues to struggle, I bet he'll go back down to Montgomery. Chaves is a much more seasoned player, and competent middle infielders are more valuable than power-hitting 1st-baseman who can't generate any power. Nowak can play 1st, so there's no need for another backup for Richard.

    I wonder, too, if Olmedo's recent struggles in the field will also encourage the Rays to keep Chaves in AAA.