Friday, June 5, 2009

Player Move — Calvin Medlock

According to Stacy Long over in Montgomery, Calvin Medlock is coming to the Durham Bulls.

Medlock started last season with the Bulls and stayed with us all season (he had 9 appearances with us in 2007). According to my numbers he appeared in 41 games (including two playoff games), 0-3, 63 innings, with a season ERA of 4.57. It looks like he’s been Montgomery’s closer this year, and has done an impressive job. He’s appeared in 23 games and has 13 (!) saves. Since Montgomery has won 26 games Medlock appears to have had a hand in half of those wins. Overall record 0-1, ERA 3.52. [Just found this article on Medlock's move, also in Montgomery Advertiser]

Don’t know why he started the year in Montgomery and not quite sure how he fits into a bullpen that already has two closers (Thayer and Abreu). And it sure looks like it punches a big hole in Montgomery’s pitching staff. On the other hand, maybe it’s his time. We need some depth among our relievers and we can hope he’s our man.

Could this mean that another one of our guys is on the way back to the Rays?


  1. Was Medlock not up with us at the beginning of the year, or am I misremembering? It's tough to be senile.

    I was hoping teh ump would call the game after 7; the fact taht he didn't wasn't for my lack of suggesting.


  2. Not a good crew in the Toledo round.

    You may be thinking of Jason Cromer, starting tonight against Smoltz. He pitched two games earlier this year. Don't have any record of Medlock being here, although I did mention him back in spring training when he had a bit of time with the Rays