Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good-Bye Buffalo

Game 63: Bulls 1, Bisons 8
Season: 38-25
Wrap, Box

Well, our tenure in first place was short-lived. We are back into a tie with Norfolk.

Not our best effort, but some of our low scoring was due to the superb pitching of the Bisons’ Brandon Knight. He managed that rare occurrence in modern baseball, a complete game: 6 hits, no walks, 7 strikeouts, a superb game. We don’t have to face him or the Bisons again this year, and that’s probably a good thing. Given what we’ve seen of the Bisons, I’m surprised at their poor record (20-40). They are a better team than that.

Wade Davis had 5 superb innings, unfortunately they were the 1st, and the 3rd thru 6th. The 2nd was a mess for him and for the team behind him. Jason Childers had his troubles as well. As for the hitters, 6 hits. One for 9 with runners in scoring position. Not a good day.

Come on home, guys. Get away from the seagulls.

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  1. Rough way to end the trip, but maybe getting back to the DBAP will help them settle down again. It looks like Brignac is heading back down, so hopefully that will shore up the infield defense. I know that he struggled at the plate with the Rays, but he was strong for them defensively.