Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tomorrow’s Another Day

Game 60: Bulls 5, Bisons 13
Season: 37-23
Wrap, Box

Guess I hadn’t been paying attention to the Durham Bulls schedule. Checked into the web site in the middle of the afternoon and discovered that the game had already started. Clicked on Gameday link and waited for it to load up. Bottom of the 5th, based loaded, 5 runs already scored in the inning! Bulls losing 4 to 9. What the heck is going on here? Clicked on the audio box and got Neil Solondz describing Julio DePaula trying to get out of some kind of mess. I couldn’t stand it. I clicked everything off and went back to working in the yard. This was not going to end well, I thought. It didn’t.

Look at that box score, five errors in the middle of the infield, four by shortstop (?) Ray Olmedo. We got five runs on 8 hits, well, that’s OK, I guess. Just doesn’t quite match up with their 13 runs on 15 hits and 7 walks. We used four pitchers including, ready for this, 2/3rds of an inning by Alex Jamieson, our ghost catcher last seen on the Hudson Valley roster. Aaaaaaaaargh!

Yesterday I sat down and write a long paean to the hard work that goes with the life of a ballplayer. Yesterday the the Bulls got a day off. And what happens? You get a day off and this? Spend the day off in a pool room? Sports bar? What happened? Did somebody on the Bulls actually read that drivel and start feeling sorry for himself? If so, then I take it all back. The life of a ballplayer is a piece of cake. How’s that? Better?

OK. Deep breath. Tomorrow’s another day.

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